Conheça os nossos Oradores

       (Agosto 2022)

Nuno Teodoro-min.png

Nuno Teodoro

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Cyber Security and Privacy Officer - Huawei Portugal

Nuno Coelho site-min.png

Nuno Mateus Coelho

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Cybersecurity Evangelist, Infosec Expert, TED Talker & Social Engineering Communicator

Vasco Afonso site.png

Vasco Afonso

Linkedin Logo.png

Head of Cloud & Security Claranet

Teresa Zagallo-min.png

Teresa Zagallo

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Manager, Cybersecurity Consulting at EY

Javier Gordo.png

Javier López Gordo

Linkedin Logo.png

Sales Engineer - CrowdStrike


David Sopas

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Security Researcher | Speaker | Red Teamer | Maker Wannabe

Sergio Silva.png

Sérgio Silva

Linkedin Logo.png

Founder CYBERS3C® | TEDx Speaker 

Jorge Pinto.png

Jorge Pinto

Linkedin Logo.png

Presidente AP2SI

Rui Martins-min.png

Rui Martins

Linkedin Logo.png

Fundador da CpC - Cidadãos pela Cibersegurança | IT Operations Leader

David Russo.png

David Russo

Linkedin Logo.png

Pentester and Teacher at CyberS3c


Rafael Narezzi

Linkedin Logo.png

CIO | CTO | CISO | Technology & Digital Advisor and MSc Cyber Security

Stuart Wiggins.png

Stuart Wiggins

Linkedin Logo.png

Strategic Threat Advisor - CrowdStrike

Dinis Fernandes-min.png

Dinis Fernandes

Linkedin Logo.png

Executive Manager - Cybersafe


Rodrigo Fonseca

Linkedin Logo.png

CEO, FUTURA - Law & Tech

Miguel Romao site.png

Miguel Romão

Linkedin Logo.png

Soc Manager - S21sec Portugal

Diogo Pata site-min.png

Diogo Pata

Linkedin Logo.png

Global Sales Engineer -
WatchGuard Technologies

Ofélia Site.png

Ofélia Malheiros

Linkedin Logo.png

Consultant - Securnet

David Marques.png

David Marques

Linkedin Logo.png

Vice-Presidente da AP2SI e Information Security Manager @ Grupo Nabeiro

Silvana Oliveira.png

Silvana Oliveira

Linkedin Logo.png

Cybersecurity Analyst

Paulo Moniz.png

Paulo Moniz

Linkedin Logo.png

Director - Information Security and IT Risk at EDP - Energias de Portugal


Ana Ferreira

Linkedin Logo.png

Information Security & Health Researcher - CINTESIS

Filipi Pires Site.png

Filipi Pires

Linkedin Logo.png

Security Researcher | Cybersecurity Advocate

Paulo Vieira.png

Paulo Vieira

Linkedin Logo.png

District Sales Manager  Portugal @ Palo Alto Networks

Tiago Mendo Website.png

Tiago Mendo

Linkedin Logo.png

CTO and Co-founder at Probely, the Web Application Vulnerability 

Ricardo Marques site.png

Ricardo Marques

Linkedin Logo.png

Head of Consulting - S21sec Portugal


Raquel Porciúncula

Linkedin Logo.png

Data Compliance Officer at SLBenfica

Paulo Ramos.png

Paulo Batista Ramos

Linkedin Logo.png

Senior Foresight & Policy Officer

Mário Vilamarim Saraiva.png

Mário Vilamarim Saraiva

Linkedin Logo.png

MScEng | CISM | CISA | AWS Security Specialty

Carlos Domingues.png

Carlos Domingues

Linkedin Logo.png

AIBILI IT and Datacentre Director | ECRIN and IT Security Auditor


Juan Muñoz

Linkedin Logo.png

Country Manager for Spain & Portugal – A10 Networks

Candid Wüest.png

Candid Wüest

Linkedin Logo.png

VP of Cyber Protection Research @ Acronis